Yoga Classes | Virtual

Our Yoga Classes are taught by our highly experienced yoga instructors who will guide you from start to finish through your entire yoga practice. Classes are taught with a student-focus in mind, taking into account the needs and abilities of our students, and are for all levels.

The type of yoga we instruct is Hatha yoga, whose primary focus is on physical health and mental well-being. Learning proper breath-work and then linking breath with movement is the key in Hatha Yoga. This breath is then used as a means to create and hold you in your yoga postures throughout the class.

The class format is that of a warm-up, working phase, followed by cool-down and relaxation. We start with a warm-up that is focused on creating heat in the body so you can improve your flexibility and strength through your yoga postures. After that, be prepared to flow through many different transformational postures that will improve your flexibility, alignment, physical and core strength, and balance. Our class ends with a relaxation pose that will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized and rejuvenated for the rest of your day. You will want to practice yoga a few times a week to really reap the benefits of your practice and to notice a lasting change in your physical health and mental wellbeing.

Benefits of this class may include: improved breathing, flexibility, muscular and core strength, improvement of many injuries and disabilities, promotes circulation and blood flow to all the major organs and tissues, decreases daily stress and stress-related problems, and promotes relaxation and clarity of the mind. These and many more benefits can translate from your yoga practice into all other facets of your life and attitude, promoting an overall happier, healthier and vibrant individual.

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