What to wear and expect for your 1st appointment?

Please wear comfortable clothing (loose fitting clothing is best as it allows the practitioner to be able to assess the body optimally). A private changing room is provided if you would like to bring a set of clothes to change into.

Please bring all medical documents such as MRIs or X-rays if in hard copy, or email them prior to your 1st appointment. Expect to book a follow-up session 1-2 weeks after your initial and rebook for future appointments.

Your 1st appointment will consist of an assessment and evaluation which will allow me to determine the appropriate treatment plan, as each individual has his/her own mechanisms of compensation. Typically, every treatment plan commences with a more in-depth questioning and answering period covering medical background and reason for the visit. Afterwards, physical tests and a thorough assessment will determine the precise cause of dysfunction and related compensatory problems.

The treatment consists of manual techniques which address the muscles, ligaments, fascia, joints, cranium, viscera, glands, nervous system, arteries, veins, etc.

Consolidating the treatment, advise on health strategies, postural retraining, and a regime for specific exercises tailored towards each individual can be given to avoid reoccurrence of the initial condition.


How long is a session?

Initial appointments are 60 minutes and follow-up appointments are 60 or 45 minutes long. I will discuss with you how long we need for follow-up appointments during your session based on the treatment plan outlined.

How many treatments will I need?

During your initial appointment and after doing a full case history and assessment I will determine how many sessions I think you will need. Some patients may only require 1 or 2 sessions; however, the goal is for you to begin to notice improvements after 3-5 sessions. Other factors such as the complexity and how long your problem has been present are all considered.

For prevention, a few treatments per year are recommended and can prevent the reappearance of symptoms and pain due to postural compensations. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to book your appointments to anticipate this for the year.

*Due to high demand, I suggest new patients book follow-up appointments in advance to guarantee optimal results. When booking an initial appointment I advise adults to book 2-3 follow up appointments, 1-2 weeks apart for 60 minutes.


What is the difference between osteopathy, chiropractic, physiotherapy, and massage?

Osteopathic Manual Therapy involves looking at the body as a whole and aims to find the root cause of a problem (rather than just treating the area of discomfort). Treatment typically involves gentle manual therapy, looking at all the systems of the body – nervous, musculoskeletal, lymphatic, digestive, cranial, etc. In addition, you will often be given corrective exercises and stretches to continue at home when you leave. The outcome of your recovery will largely be influenced by your commitment and participation in your health.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

You do NOT need a referral to see an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner from a doctor.

Is Osteopathy covered by insurance?

Osteopathy is covered by many extended health care plans. I am licensed to practice as a Manual Osteopathic Practitioner through The National Manual Osteopathic Society. It is recognized by the following insurance providers:

Canada Life
Green Shield Canada
Manulife Financial
Sun Life
Desjardins Insurance
Cowan Insurance Group
Pacific Blue Cross

What are the treatment fees and payment methods accepted?

Treatment Fees (13% HST included)

  • Initial Assessment and Treatment (60 mins) - $145
  • 60 minute treatment - $135
  • 45 minute treatment - $115
  • 30 minute treatment - $95

Payment methods accepted:

  • E-Transfer (carla@osteobycarla.com)
  • Debit
  • Cash

*A receipt with a registration number will be provided for insurance or tax purposes.